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I know from personal experience that Eliza was here offers unique holiday destinations. From Zakynthos to Menorca: I often opted to go with them on my travels. But Eliza was here is a travel agency in a competitive industry. For that reason the company has highly ambitious goals: in the spring of 2019 the brand wanted to increase its visibility in the market and at the same time generate traffic to its website. Eventually these goals were realised by running an online video with Ster on the Holiday and Travel context channel.

no use of personal data

As of the first of January 2020 Ster no longer uses personal data for advertising purposes. In order to still reach the most relevant audience we looked for new targeting possibilities. Contextual targeting turned out to be the answer whereas you don’t use personal data and still can make sure that the performance of online advertising increases. 

Our starting point was: a target group views content that interests them. In addition, our studies showed that programme- or website content that is enjoyed by the target group can have a positive effect on the effectiveness of commercials.The commercial acceptance and activation by means of clicking through to the brand’s website then strongly increases. Besides the content-effect, we also learned that when the audience enjoys the commercial, they watch the ad more intensively. High attention to the content also means high attention for the commercial and it was proven previously that there is a direct correlation between attention and sales.2

Contextual targeting

With this information in mind we built 23 interest channels and we offer the possibility of targeting specifically to one or more interest channels that match your target group and brand. We do this using Ceefax page 888, which subtitles Dutch programmes of NPO (Dutch Public Broadcaster). This enables us to target specifically on what is said during a programme episode and which topics are addressed. This way  a talk show is no longer merely in general about ‘News and Current affairs’. As we look at the guests around the table and the conversations specifically, one episode could fall into the context channel ‘Art and Culture’ and another episode could fall into ‘Politics and Policy’.


Eliza was here and Ster: and extraordinarily strong match

Eliza was here had gained wonderful results before with an online video campaign that was delivered around travel programmes and now they wanted to take it one step further. As it was still possible in 2019 to target on demographics, Eliza was here opted for a two-track strategy. On the one hand they used demographic targeting on women who are at least 25 years old, and on the other hand they used contextual targeting for the ‘Holiday and Travel’ channel.   

This specific method of targeting is one of the reasons that determined the choice for Ster: the brand, Eliza was here, and the programming of the NPO create a special match. This match and its effect on context channel proved to be so strong, that Eliza was here moved a larger part of the demographic targeting budget to contextual targeting during the campaign. 

As a result of previous good experiences with campaigns around travel programmes we chose contextual targeting on travel for this campaign, combined with demographic targeting. In light of the good results on the context channel we moved our budget from demographic targeting to contextual targeting during the run of the campaign.

the power of imagery

The creation of the commercial is an essential part of a campaign: without strong creation, there is no effect. And Eliza was here certainly had that strong creation! By incorporating realistic drone images in its commercial they tried to convey that holiday feeling to the viewer.

To prove the quality of the creation, we used our Ster Adscan to evaluate the video. Besides the fact that the video scored well above the benchmark with a 6.8 rating, all the other KPIs also achieved exceptionally good results.

This positive score is mainly driven by:

  • The above average use of imagery including animals and nature. This ensures the commercial is entertaining.
  • The above average use of people in the commercial. This makes the commercial original.
  • The right quantity of shots. This makes the commercial fun to watch.

What was the yield of this journey for Eliza was here?

Eliza was here had a beautiful journey, allowing more people – including myself – to experience the joys of a special holiday. But what is the final destination of its journey?

Our findings are that in general the campaign aimed at ‘Holiday and Travel’ has a high Click Through Ratio (CTR) – above average and (far) above the target group. The number of people who watch the video through to the end is also nicely above average, meaning the video matches the audience it was presented to. We intend to use this campaign more often during specific times of the year.

Femke Verveen

Senior online marketer

The fact that at Ster only two commercials are displayed before an online programme is started creates exclusivity. This gives the video the attention it deserves. Combined with a strong creation and the right use of contextual targeting it brought Eliza was here a great result: the Click Through Ratio (CTR) for contextual targeting came out 70% higher than that for demographic targeting.

how can your brand benefit?

By using contextual advertising your campaign is linked to a certain context category for a programme or web page. There are 23 interest channels: from ‘Art and Culture’ to ‘Training and Education’ to ‘Cookery and Food’. Ample choice! But are you ready for the big audience?